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Updated March 6, 2001

CheeseHusker in his element

Welcome to my assortment of absolutely pointless trivial facts and figures about Nebraska Cornhuskers football. This is meant to serve as sort of an unofficial media guide for those who are too cheap or lazy to go to the Nebraska Bookstore and shell out $12 for a real one (or you live in another state like me - good excuse, eh?).

Who is the "CheeseHusker"?

Not Eric Crouch, despite owning two #7 jerseys. He's simply a transplanted Cornhusker who for many years found himself stuck in Big 10/11 country having to suffer through endless Indiana-Purdue games on ESPN every week while his beloved Huskers played far away on another television network that his local cable company carried, but constantly pre-empted for the mighty 37 1/2-games-out-of-first-place Milwaukee Brewers who were battling the Pittsburgh Pirates for that all important 5th place finish in the National League Central Division. The CheeseHusker is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so he has no excuse to watch the baseball anyway.

He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in February 1977 but was transplanted to the land of bratwurst and cheese at the tender age of seven. Despite his youth, he already had been infected with the Big Red virus when he saw his first live action sometime in 1981 or 1982. He drew pictures in school of his favorite players, named Gill and Craig and Rozier and Fryar. His first-grade student teacher dated Rob Stuckey. When writing a story about Abraham Lincoln for his first grade history class, he drew John Wilkes Booth in a Penn State t-shirt shooting a red-clad Honest Abe. (Mind you, the infamous "extra-wide field" game had just occurred days before). He threw temper-tantrums for hours after the two-pointer failed in Miami, and again when they blew that 17-7 lead against Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner still makes him physically ill, though not half as much as that putrid Florida State war-chant.

His parents are two proud alumnus of UNL, the mother a daughter of two retired professors. The CheeseHusker himself attended UNL for two years before deciding to transfer. As the old saying went, you could take the boy out of Nebraska but you couldn't take the Nebraska out of the boy.

His permanent home is now in the shadow of Lambeau Field, where college classmate Ahman Green now takes care of business. The CheeseHusker has warmed to the Packers considerably because of the well-represented Husker contingent (Green, Tyrone Williams and Steve Warren). He's chummy with offensive guard Marco Rivera, who lives across the street. Marco is an ex-Nittany Lion, and yes, we rib him about 1994 constantly. 

The CheeseHusker has a dog named, appropriately enough, Husker, who has taken a liking to Mr. Rivera's infant son Dante. So much so, in fact, that when Dante visited one Halloween night dressed in a Scooby Doo costume, the aforementioned dog attempted his own version of a "field goal", so to speak. He failed to score.

The CheeseHusker is currently on extended holiday in Melbourne, Australia, where his best efforts to obtain a watchable Alamo Bowl tape went down in flames. He has converted his dream woman (an Aussie) to the dark side and hopes immensely to take her to her first Husker game sometime during 2001. 

What is this site about?

If you're anything like me, you have this strange fascination with more trivial bits of Husker football history, like the uniforms or the stadium. This site captures my interest in those things and hopes to illustrate their evolution over time. I also like lists...big lists. I made my own depth chart by uniform number (which I admit am not the first to do, but I felt like doing it anyway). Eventually I hope to have a table containing the score of every Nebraska game ever played, because not everyone has memorized all of them back to 1970 like I have (when NU opened by beating Wake Forest 36-12). If you think of any other trivial categories like this, feel free to suggest them to me.

What's here:

Evolution of Nebraska Uniform: Fairly self-explanatory. Here you will find a chronological description of how Nebraska's simple but classic uniform design has evolved, complete with small graphics that I made using a template found on a USFL fan site.

Evolution of Memorial Stadium: Similar to the uniform page; this outlines the changes made in Memorial Stadium's configuration since it's original opening in 1923. Complete with evolving field surfaces and paint jobs.

All-time Series Records: When was the last time Nebraska played Northwestern, prior to the recent Alamo Bowl thrashing? What about other teams in the Little 11? Nebraska is 4-15-3 against what school? Fear not, for I have compiled Nebraska's record against every Division I-A opponent Nebraska has ever taken the field against, complete with all results.

Husker History: Year-by-year Results: Scores from every Nebraska football game ever played, from the 1890 Omaha YMCA barnburner right up through the still fresh and ever-so-satisfying 66-17 Alamo Bowl lambasting of Northwestern.

Games I've been to: A bit self-indulgent I suppose, but I decided to share all of the games I had the privilege of attending in person, complete with a few anecdotes and happy memories I have from 23 years and more than two dozen games under my belt. Oh yes, did I mention Nebraska is unbeaten over all those games? (Thanks to Josh Brown for preserving this record despite Colorado's best efforts to thwart it).

Nebraska's Bowl Games: Self-explanatory.

Depth Chart by Uniform Number: Ever wonder which player wore what? Who were other great #30's besides Mike Rozier and Ahman Green? This is my all-time numeral team, up to four-deep. All strictly a matter of opinion though.

RCL's Linkin Nebraska: I figured why bother with a links page when the infamous RedCladLoon has this mega-huge directory of pretty much every relevant Husker football page under the sun.